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January 13, 2011 | posted in Casino Room News

Many people that like the online casino games don’t like poker, so they never give any thought of looking at online poker sites. Unbeknownst to them, they are missing some of the best action that players can get online. U.S. friendly Carbon Poker is one such place that offers a number of exciting casino games you can play.

Following is a list of  some of the most popular casino games that Carbon Poker has.


Arguably the most popular casino game, skilled Blackjack players can and often do win big at Carbon Poker. Players can even set up a blackjack strategy through the auto-play feature, and let the game play itself while they’re at the poker tables!


Everyone knows the odds are better for the players of European roulette over American roulette. The European roulette at Carbon Poker offers a much more favorable house edge (2.63%), which means players have a better chance to win major money!

Video Poker

Carbon Poker has some of the highest paying video poker games in “Joker Poker” where Jokers are wild, one of the favorites, “Jacks or Better” and “Deuces Wild”  where the 2′s are all wild.

Caribbean Stud Poker

If you like both blackjack and poker, you should like Caribbean Stud Poker. Caribbean Stud Poker is draw poker played on a blackjack table. And if you like jackpots there is always a huge jackpot at stake in Caribbean Stud!

So there you have it. Just because a site might sound like they have nothing but poker, does not mean that they don’t have plenty more to offer.

Just click here to see what Carbon Poker has to offer today!


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