Rummy Royal’s Tiki Challenge

January 1, 2012 | posted in Gambling News

The online rummy site Rummy Royal has an ongoing promotion that is well suited for those that like to play rummy tournaments and it is called the TIKI Challenge.

Players just have to enter any of the Orange colored “TIKI Challenge” Quick Tourney tables and score points to reach the top of the Leaderboard. Every day, the top 3 players will win cash prizes with a top prize of $50.

The terms and conditions are very reasonable.

The events’ tables may be opened several hours before\ after the event time, however the games in question will count towards the prizes only during the specified times.

The number of prizes each player can collect is not limited; players are invited to play towards winning as many prizes as possible.

The prizes will be awarded automatically at the end of the challenge. In case of a tie in ranks that awards cash prizes, the players sharing the same rank will split the prize amount.

In the interest of fair gaming Rummy Royal requires winners to play at least 20 games of any kind before making any withdrawals.

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