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Black JackWhen playing  online blackjack casinos , actually whether online or in live casinos , it’s always good to remember a few basic game strategies. So here are a few online blackjack tips that we here at Online Casino Blues believe should help improve your game.

Players at online blackjack casinos should always keep track of both their hand and the dealer’s hand. The object of the game is to be the one closet to 21 without going over, but sometimes the online gambler  simply concentrates too much on that and forgets that the real goal of the game is to just get a better hand than the dealer. This can lead to busting out a lot more often than you should.

Remember that the dealer must take another card when holding a value of 16 or less, even if they have the winning hand! This increases their risk of busting out and gives you more of an opportunity to win, but the blackjack dealer has to follow these rules.

Another good rule is to always split up your aces and eights! Neither of these cards operates very well as pairs in any one hand, but if you split them up they make you a pretty good start for two new hands.

Never ever buy insurance ! The odds just simply do not justify the cost. The only time anyone should make these insurance bets is if there is a possibility of a high number of face cards remaining in the deck, and with online play it’s just not possible to count the cards in our opinion. So it’s best to just stay away from the insurance all together.

And last, but surely not least, NEVER EVER chase your losses ! This will only end up costing you more money than not. This goes hand in hand with never bet it, if you can’t afford to lose it.

Blackjack Glossary:

blackjack - When the first two cards dealt to a a player is an ace plus a face card or a 10, this is known as blackjack.
bustWhen the value of all the cards in a hand add up to over 21.
double down – Players can double their bet but are allowed only one card in addition to the original two.
stand - To keep the two cards you are dealt without drawing another one.
hit or hitting - Drawing another card. You may draw as many cards as you wish until you bust.
push - When both the player and dealer tie. The player gets his bet back when this happens.
surrender - Players can decide not to play a hand, in which case they lose only half the bet.
split - If the first two cards you are dealt are equal in value, like two face cards, you may split your hand into two hands. When doing so you will have to place a bet on the second hand which is equal to the original bet.

If you’ll follow these simple blackjack tips they should help you to have more fun at the online blackjack casinos. So good luck !

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