Online Video Poker Strategy & Tips

One of the most popular games in online casinos is video poker. In my opinion it also happens to be one of those games that having some skills and knowledge can go a long ways toward becoming a winning gambler. Lets talk about a few online video poker strategy and tips that may help you increase you winnings.

The first thing you must know with any type of poker is your hand rankings..I know some of you may laugh at me saying this, but it’s surprising how many folk that start playing online poker of any sort do not know that a flush beats a straight, or that a boat (fullhouse) beats a flush. So for you noobs out there, learn your hand rankings before playing any type of poker.

When playing video poker never keep lousy cards. If you are dealt cards that can’t be used to make a winning hand, like a pair, trips or four cards of the same suit or part of a straight, then just discard them all and draw five new cards.

Never throw away a pair just because it’s small instead of holding one high card. The payout percentages favor three-of-kind over a high pair. And don’t keep a kicker (an extra card along with your pair)to go with that pair ! This will only reduce your odds of drawing three of a kind.

If you have an open ended straight draw (can be completed on either end) without a pair, go for the one card draw. I do not recommend drawing to an inside straight though ! (to fill the middle of an incomplete straight)

Now for my last online video poker strategy tip: know when to draw for a straight flush, or the big daddy of all the hands, the Royal Flush. Anytime you have a flush and it lacks only one card in the hand from making the straight or royal flush, I say discard that card and go for it. You may not always make the hand, but that is when the odds are the best to completing it. Never try to make the straight/royal flush by drawing two cards !

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