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Trying to find a reliable online sportsbook ? Are you a gambler that likes to make the occasional bet on sports ? I know I am, and whether it’s football, MMA, or racing, there are plenty of online sports betting sites that are happy to take your wager. But there are just so many sites in the online casino realm that gamblers are often hard-pressed to sign up with one that’s truly trustworthy when it comes to payouts, customer service, and even honoring your bets.

Every day you can hear plenty of stories around the net on different forums about some online gambler winning thousands of dollars and then having to wait months to actually have their winnings in hand. You can also read about Online Gamblers who win huge parlays to only be dumbfounded and upset when their wager is a loss because of some new, cooked-up rule that was not in place at some gambling room or sportsbook before.

How do you avoid getting a bad online sports book ?

The Online Gambler needs to focus on the same attributes that any other sharp sports bettor would use before placing any wager on a pro team at a sportsbook: positive statistics, history of the site, and the sportsbooks reputation.

1. Online Sportsbook History
There aren’t many sportsbooks that have 15 years in the game of sports betting and are still strong in the industry, but Bodog applies. Bodog was built in 1994 on the principles of safety, security, professionalism and fun and that doctrine has made it one of the best spots for sports betting ever since.

2. Online Stats
As far as we know McDonalds is one of the few companies that has “served billions”; and there are only a few online casino sportbooks that can honestly say that, Bodog Sportsbook being among those. They have dished out over $50 billion in winning wagers during a run that has spanned for over 15 years.

3. Online Reputation
Nobody should trust an online gaming site that has a bad reputation when it comes to payouts and customer service.

Any reputable Online Sportsbook will have put together a customer service team that works 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure a gamblers betting experience is enjoyable. And when you need to cashout, you should never have to worry about whether you are going to receive your winnings.

Always remember, if you never bet more than you can afford to lose, then gambling is a much more fun experience !



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