Blackjack: Back To History

The game originates back to the 16th century. There is still a debate about the native country of blackjack. The first belief is that it was France where the game was played for the first time. In the country casino-lovers gave a name to the game that is translated as “21”. Another assumption tells that the motherland of the game was Italy. 

Blackjack gained such a popularity thanks to special bets. Having a black Jack and an Acer meant 10:1 odds of the player. According to this bet the game received the name that is still used nowadays, even in spite of removing this bet.

Over time, blackjack is evolving and becoming more high-quality and popular across the world. Today it is a sophisticated game that can be found on any casino site and is not likely to go out of fashion. 

Basics Of Blackjack

Being not only rather a popular game, blackjack offers easy rules that can let gamblers level up as soon as possible even in the case of being a beginner. For this reason, in this part of the review we prepared blackjack rules and tips.

What Is The Goal Of Blackjack?

A second name of the game is “21”. So, the winner is that player who has a hand of 21 or got closer to this. Going over 21 means losing the game. Traditionally, the table includes 2-7 players and a dealer. The number of shuffled decks can vary from 1 to 8. 

Card Values In Blackjack

Every card from 2 to 10 has a value of its number. Jacks, Queens and Kings are assessed as 10. Having an Ace means having 1 or 11, the value depends on the player’s choice. 

Blackjack Variations

Blackjack is frequently called one of the most profitable casino games since the house edge is only 5%. This caused the game’s evolution over years. Let’s discuss several blackjack types below.

Classic Blackjack

This is the oldest and original format of blackjack. Each participant receives 2 cards, one of which face up and the other face down, in the beginning of the game. The goal is to get 21 or any other sum close to 21 without going over.

Progressive Blackjack

It is the same game as a conventional blackjack online, but with an option to bet on a progressive jackpot slot to get a bigger jackpot.

European Blackjack

It is still the same classic blackjack, but with a change. When the player receives his cards, each of them is face up. The first dealer’s card is face up while the second one is face down as it is in classic blackjack. 

Blackjack Switch

The player and the dealer are dealt with 4 cards each that can be switched to form a hand. When the player wins,the bet is won in 50:50 ratio compared with 60:40 in other blackjacks. 

Spanish 21 Blackjack

This type of blackjack offers players to redouble their cards 1-3 times even after splitting. Usually, there are 6-8 decks of cards in the game.

Blackjack Moves And Blackjack Hands Guide

Knowing the card values for blackjack is not enough for beginners to start playing. There are a few rules that should be taken into account before making deposits. 

1. Join the table

When all the players are ready, the dealer deals 2 face up cards to each player and 2 cards to himself. One of the cards is face up and another one is face down. 

2. Assess the value of the hand and keep in mind the dealer’s one as well

Make up your mind whether to Hit or to Stand. Players can “Hit” if there is a need in getting a third card. Such a decision is usually made when the players are sure that the card will not make them go over. For other gamblers “Hit” is used for running the risk of the dealer receiving a better hand. 

“Stand” is for those players who have already been dealt with good cards and the value of their hands is 21 or near it. 

3. Assess the value of the hand again

If it is 21 or less you will remain in the game. 

4. It is time for the dealer to reveal the face down card

5. When all the cards are revealed, each player looks whose value is closer to 21 

Here is another part of the rules, everyone has to know in order to play the game.

  • Regular wins pay 1:1 — when your hand value is closer to 21 than the dealer’s one.
  • Blackjack wins pay 3:2 — when your hand value is 21.
  • 16 and below — when the dealer’s hand value is 16 or less he must hit on another card.
  • Split — when it is better to turn one hand into two separate hands for getting a higher chance to beat the dealer. 
  • Double Down — when the player wants to double the bet mid-hand.
  • Surrender — when the player wants to fold the hand before receiving new cards.

Blackjack Odds With Basic Strategy

Players’ probability of going over 21 in case they hit with a hand value:

  • 11 or less — 0%
  • 12 — 31%
  • 13 — 39%
  • 14 — 56%
  • 15 — 58%
  • 16 — 62%
  • 17 — 69%
  • 18 — 77%
  • 19 — 85%
  • 20 — 92%
  • 21 — 100%

Dealer’s likelihood of going over 21 in dependence of the card:

  • Ace — 17%
  • 2 — 35%
  • 3 — 37%
  • 4 — 40%
  • 5 — 42%
  • 6 — 42%
  • 7 — 26%
  • 8 — 24%
  • 9 — 23%
  • 10 — 23%

Mostly, the dealer wins more often than the player. That is due to the fact that the dealer’s decisions are made after the player’s moves and position. 

Thus, the probability of winning in blackjack is 42,22%. However, it doesn’t mean that in other cases the winner is the dealer. There is one more possible outcome such as a push. On average, 8,48% of blackjack games end in a push. For this reason, 49,1% is a real probability of the dealer’s winning. 

The percentage can fluctuate depending on special rules for both player and dealer, variation of the game and the strategy that is used by the player. In case the game occurs without following any strategy, the odds will be lower.

Best Ways To Play Blackjack

Read the blackjack strategy guide below in order to learn how to be good at blackjack.

Standard Blackjack Strategy

One of the perfect blackjack tricks that is typically ignored is hitting another card while having a hand of 12 or 13. When the dealer’s upcard is 4-6 we can suppose that the facedown card is 10 that will make him hit another card. In such a situation the dealer is likely to bust. 

The second simple blackjack strategy is doubling down when the player’s hand value is 11. It is likely that a third card the player will hit will be 10. This strategy is one of the best black jack tricks that leads to finishing with 21.

Sometimes users split tens, and it is a usual mistake. Even if the dealer shows a weak card, it does not mean that there is a need in hitting a third card. The hand is already strong as it is a hand of 20. Asking for another card will probably lead to a busted outcome. 

Blackjack 101

Black jack 101 is a typical trainer for blackjack players, especially for beginners. It helps users to keep track of choosing the right decisions while playing. The strategy is based on mathematical analysis of the game provided by Edvard O. Thorp. 

After being dealt with two cards the player has a choice of further actions. The trainer presents 5 possible actions and the goal of the users is to select one that is the most suitable in a given situation on the table. When the problem is solved, the player receives new cards of a new hand.


Blackjack is quite a popular game among the world’s population. It has a long history that only proves its quality. Currently, blackjack is a developed game that is, at the same time, rather an easy way of entertainment and earning extra money. 

Being aware of the odds the game offers and a few strategies will only increase players’ chances of win. However, to get all blackjack offers is possible at the best USA online casinos. Among them are:

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Actually, there is no matter what site to play at as the rules for blackjack are the same. Only a few exceptions are possible, and they can be easily found at the site. Hence, all that is necessary to start playing is learning the game itself and basic strategies on how to act during the round.