Online Craps

The history of craps begins with the times of the Roman Empire. It is one of the oldest games of chance around the world. There is no single source indicating where the name of this playing came from. But there are rumors that it was the name of a losing combination. Someone who had a combination of two numbers that looked like the eyes of a crab. The version that exists today appeared in the New World in the first half of the 20th century. Quite close to our time in the 90’s it lost its former popularity, but today is back again. And now it can be seen literally in all the major and not only casinos around the world.

About craps gamble

Crabs gambling are the simplest and most well-known at the present time. 

This is not surprising. After all, to play all you need is just two six-sided dice, a table with a scheme specifically designed for this game and also one or more companions. The craps gambling process is incredibly clear and simple. He attracts and captures all fans of excitement. Also, due to the fact that the chances of winning in this game are substantially higher than in others. There are rules and they are not complicated, although some are simply intimidated by the row of numbers that need to be memorized. There are winning amounts of combinations, there are not. Their order is not much, it is worth it to play a few times and your fear of difficulty to remember immediately disappears. One of the key things to know is that experience is essential. Learning how to play craps is not that difficult. Especially if you have a mathematical mindset. 

Then learn craps will be very easy for you. With care and responsibility. And you will conquer all winning schemes and without any difficulties, also very quickly. In this article you will find a complete and informative craps guide. And an important point. Motor skills and craps rules for dummies, to put it very simply. You have dice with a certain number of points on each side. You take them in your hands and start shaking them. There used to be a special glass for this purpose, but not many tables use it now. Then you throw them and watch, they should fall chaotically. And then add up the points that fell on the upper sides of the cubes. This sum is your result. There are a large number of winning strategies that most professional players are using quite successfully. 

Craps casino game bets

The craps casino table is incredibly good and advantageous because when you sit down at it you have a lot of great opportunities in the form of bets. Yes, you can stake as much as ten grand per game. And that’s not all the delights. The principle is exactly the same as in roulette, where there is a one-in-two probability of winning. The casino dice table gives you the opportunity to bet on the Pass Line or Don’t. And exactly the same principle has Come and Don’t Come. But that’s not all. Excellent results guarantee your step to stake also on Odds Bet. Check out the learning craps below. And an important point. The article is divided and written specifically for you to learn craps for dummies.


Everything you need for this online:

  • Familiarize yourself with the rules of the game, study them carefully and only then go to the virtual platforms and play;
  • A PC or a mobile device with internet access;
  • A qualitative and suitable for your purposes gambling platform, which you can also choose by studying the reviews on the Internet.

That’s all you’ll need. Except your opponent, of course. The opponent can be one or more.

General rules of the game

In order to successfully start playing this wonderful game, familiarize yourself with the rules. They are simple and easy to understand for everyone. Each point is described in as much detail as possible, so that you get as much knowledge as possible. And when you start playing, so that you have as few difficulties as possible. And so below read:

  • In this game everything starts with the choice of the player who will be the first to roll the dice. This is usually done in some sort of convention. Or also with the dice, and then the moves are made clockwise in a circle;
  • New gambler. Provided the opponents have no disagreement, as a rule, anyone can join the players at any time. And when his turn comes, he rolls the dice making his move;
  • Exit the game. Based on the point above, it also works for the desire of any player to leave the round. He simply informs the gamers and if no one minds, he can leave no matter what stage he is in, either winning or losing.

These are the main points that everyone who sits down at the table must know. You have to take each gambling game responsibly and seriously. Study it before you play it and be a prepared and confident gambler. 

About Rolling Dice

There was a time when various wooden bowls were used for throwing dice. Then they were no longer used because it became more important for players to have bodily contact with the сubes. It was rumored that such methods were more successful. However, in reality, there were not a few ways in which you could cheat your opponents. It is impossible to do this online. Because in the virtual game, other algorithms work. Because of this, everything becomes more honest and fair. Each player has exactly the same chances of winning. 

The goal of the game

The aim of the game is to guess what the sum of the combination will fall to you on the top faces of the dice. You need to bet before the start of the round and if told correctly, then you win and you can collect your payout.

Game rounds 

Each round consists of two stages. Come Out Roll is the first stage. Which consists of the first roll, in order to determine the number of Points. And the second stage. Point Roll is all the following rolls. Also during the Come Out Roll players bet to lose or win. Where Pass Line means that the shooter gains. And Don’t — which means the shooter will lose. During the Come Out Roll can form such combinations: craps, natural, point.

Types of bets 

For more frequent winnings, some experienced professional players have logically deduced and compiled the best layouts. 

In order to gain at craps from the casino, like Jackpot city Casino, as often as possible, you need to figure out which bets give the best chance of success. The mathematical advantage is different, and the range is very wide: from zero to a couple of tens of percent. Below, a detailed table in which you will understand everything:

Pass Line1:1
Don’t Pass Line1:1
Don’t Come1:1
Odds2:1 on 4, 10;3:2 at 5, 9;6:5 at 6, 8
Any 74:1
Craps (2, 3, or 12)7:1
Field1:1 on 3, 4, 9, 10, 11;2:1 on 2, 12

Be careful and note that this is not a complete list of bets. And undoubtedly. Players at different stages, of course, can combine different types of bets.

Pros and cons of playing at online casinos 

A huge number of craps fans are well aware of the fact that one of the peculiarities of this entertainment is exactly offline. This is the unique atmosphere that hangs in the air between the players. For a moment, they seem to be transported back to our ancestors and experience the same feelings of thrilling excitement, which envelopes from head to toe. And playing online is an entirely different matter. But nevertheless. It has a number of other distinctive aspects that are also undoubtedly evocative and make playing online no less appealing. The list below:

  • Accessibility. With the internet and a mobile device or pc, you can go and play casino games anytime, anywhere;
  • The range of bets. The range of bets is much wider than directly in the gambling house;
  • Economy. You do not need to go anywhere, which means you save not a few of your resources in the form of personal time and money;
  • Demo version. Thanks to the fact that it is there, you can try to leave the dice today, and understand how you feel about this game;
  • Mobile apps. The casino industry hasn’t stood still in this regard for a long time. The bookmakers’ apps are some of the highest quality at the moment. They work quickly and clearly. They are also developed with the best and most beautiful audio and video accompaniment;
  • The use of additional information. You can at any moment of the game open and spy additional knowledge on the internet, which is strictly forbidden offline. And besides, you will not like other players sitting with you at the same table.
  • Benefits. Various other benefits of internet gambling: bonuses, comp points, promotions, etc. It’s definitely worth it. 

Playing USA online casinos is very comfortable and convenient. And most importantly, safe. Since most bookmakers are interested in keeping players in partnership with casinos for the long term. Therefore, there are fewer and fewer cheaters today. Of course, this is not to say that you can be ill-considered in choosing your gambling platform. On the contrary, take it very seriously. Study a lot of additional information and only then make your choice.