What is Roulette?

Roulette is one of the most famous gambling games, which consists of a spinning wheel containing 36 differently coloured (black and red) sectors and 37 green cells. The green field means zero. 

Classification of Online Roulette

There are many variations of online roulette in terms of how players and dealers interact. Some of the most common are: 

  • Roulette One-on-One — This is a type  game of roulette  in which the player has to play face-to-face with an online casino. There’s only you and a random number generator;
  • Multiplayer Roulette — game allows you to play not only with the dealer, but at the same time with other players, who make online bets;
  • Roulette with a single dealer — This type of game allows you to play with a live dealer in real time with other players as well. That is, you can see through a virtual webcam a special dealer who is playing exclusively for online players;
  • Roulette with the real dealer of the casino — This type, as the name suggests, is a game with a real dealer of this casino. That is, the game involves both online and offline players. very cool!

Types of Online Roulette Depending on the Rules 

Reading through the club reviews, one can conclude that the entertainment has several dozens of types. However, the main ones are considered to be:

  • European — The playing field consists of 37 sectors — 1-36 and zeros;
  • French — Includes the classic 37 sectors, distinguished by terms in French, a special arrangement, the field for betting, additional rules to increase the payout;
  • American — Supports a playing field with 38 sectors — numbers 1-36, zero, double zero, has a low expectation compared with other types.

To understand what kind of entertainment is most profitable, it is recommended to learn roulette online for free. The way to play for money on the official casino site should proceed when there are positive results on virtual bets.

The first step to play online Roulette 

 Roulette, one of the most well-known gambling games. One gives you the chance to enjoy the charm and mystification and has been magnetising players in pavilions since the 17th century. though, in order for the game to be both satisfying and heartening, you need to be familiar with the rules of the game. The next section will give you an overview of roulette guide.

Study the accoutrements 

Simple Roulette is French for’ little wheel’. The small wheel holds 36 numbers and the zero» 0″, or in some American roulette games» 00″. The dealer puts a white ball into the spinning wheel, which stops at a hit-or-miss number. Bets are placed on the figures or colours the ball can stop on. 

There are number crunching and some other choices for laying on the table 

  •  1- 12; 
  •  2- 12; 
  •  3- 12; 
  • 1- 18; 
  •  19- 36; 
  •  Indeed; 
  •  Odd; 
  • Black; 
  •  Red. 

 Learn Inside laying 

The essence of the game is that you stay for the number or colour you have chosen to fall. To do this, you need to place a bet. There are several kinds of bets.Internal bets are placed on certain figures, and give other moneybags if you win. You can place the following bets 

  • » One number bet» is when you stake on any one number. The winnings are 35 to 1; 
  • «‘ Double Number Wager’ is when you stake on two figures and the winnings are 17 to 1; 
  •  A» three number bet» is when you go on three number crunching and the winnings are 11 to 1. A three figures bet can be made with just one chip, simply by placing it in front of the line of asked figures; 
  •  Corner or cross is a four number bet and gives a palm of 8 to 1; 
  •  A bet on six figures gives a victory of 5 to 1; 
  •  The chip lies between the two number lines; 
  •  In American Roulette, there is a five- number bet where you go on the figures»» and the payout when you win is 6 to 1. There is also a 0 and 00 figures gamble, which pays out a triumph. 

 Learn about Outside Bets 

 Outside bets are bets which are placed outside the number field 

  •  A red or black bet gives a 11 win; 
  •  Gambling on odd or indeed gives a 11 palm; 
  •  A bet on a column, a bet on 12 figures gives 21; 
  •  A dozen( a bet on 12 figures) gives 21; 
  •  Small and big bets give 11. 

Know the Chances

Every casino game has a different aspect. All bets on both wheels (American and French) pay out according to the probability of the number falling out. Their odds are in the number «0». , «00» in American . There are a few theories on how you can improve the probability of your number falling out, but they are all myths. However, there are a couple of ways you can change your luck a bit:

  • In American roulette, the ’00’ square increases the casino’s advantage even more. On a table with one zero, the casino has a 2.7% benefit, while on a table with two zeros, its advantage goes up to 5.6;
  • Some French Roulette tables apply rules that help players. La Partage» and «En Prison» rules are valid for outside bets, but also for betting on «0». They are similar in that players lose only half of their bet, but with «La Partage», the player cannot keep the remaining half bet for the next spin. With «En Prison» the player is not allowed to pick up the remaining half of the loss.

What Roulette is Suitable for a Beginner

Beginner players find this pastime challenging. Often they try to spin roulette for fun, without getting into the essence of the gameplay. However, such an approach leads to draining their balance and bonuses. To avoid losses, it is recommended to listen to the advice of experienced players. The main advices  :

Choosing the type of game

Popular American online casinos offer European, American and Russian roulette. It is better to stay with the classics, learn the rules well, and then experiment with other types. It is recommended first to play for free at online casinos, and then log on to the site and go for the money;

Control the bankroll

It is necessary to decide on the bet. The amount should not exceed 1-3% of the deposit, then you can avoid losing money;

Playing by strategy

Roulette is not a one-armed bandit, the conditions are more complicated. To reduce losses, it is better to bet according to a proven scheme. It is always a good idea to test the tactics in the demo, and then make a first deposit, use real money and loyalty program bonuses;

Constant training

To learn the rules and strategies well, you need to play more. Anonymous roulette is great for practising, honing your skills. Player reviews prove the effectiveness of this option. You don’t have to think about how to withdraw money from the site, to worry about your own capital. You will be able to run slots from your mobile device on iOS, on Android to spend your time with benefit wherever you are;

To play online roulette, registration on the casino site is not necessary

You will be able to have fun in your leisure time, to lift your spirits. Real bets will have to register, log in to a casino, for example, Lupin Casino, with a computer / portable device, make a deposit. If you have any questions, you can always contact online support, ask for advice on the rules, find a working mirror, credit the cashback.


Roulette is widely feted as one of the most affordable games, and is figured as  the King of Casino Games. Online roulette can be played for relaxation, especially with the added rules that the chance of wasting is 1.35 and no more.