Ignition casino review

Ignition casino was founded in 2016. Few people know, but this site used to be called Bovada. Many people will be happy about this news, because Bovada has a successful reputation, as in general, and the corporation where both are included, as subsidiaries. The story is that Bovada decided to focus on sports betting and online casinos. And Ignition decided to step in. And acquired a controlling stake in the poker room. And subsequently changed its name to what it now is — Ignition. It was a surprisingly bold decision, as the brand was one of the first casino openers in 2016. The American market at the time boldly embraced all such projects because of their profitability and ability to instantly gain a CA. The company has a genuine license issued by the Curacao Electronic Gaming Management Commission. And consumer protection is one of the main values of this site. Because of its reliability and security, millions of users choose and trust this particular firm. Also due to the fact that the company works with global, well-known providers, such as Rival, Genesis and RealTime Gaming. They open a wide window of opportunity for their players, in the form of over 200 selections and quality casino games. 

Payment systems 

Various payment systems are available in this betting company. You can choose from: bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, mastercard, visa. 

Choice of languages on the site 

This bookmaker allows you to play online on the site in any of the following languages: English, Spanish.

Social networks

In social groups you will see when there are new tournaments, fresh bonuses and casino promotions. This bookmaker has an Instagram account. There is also a page on Twitter. A separate team was assembled to cover the various events and news that take place in the company. Which specializes only in the activity of creating quality content. Posts and stories are published regularly and consistently. So you’ll always be in the know. And you don’t miss anything important. Content is really given a lot of time and attention. The picture is bright, interesting and new users are attracted daily. At the moment, the audience on Instagram is almost 3,000 people.

Type of casino games

There are different options for making money at American online casinos. Below was compiled a list specifically for you. So that your understanding is clear and you come to the casino with at least a basic understanding of what is out there. Read this list below:

Slot machine or slot machine

A great chance to catch your luck by the tail, one of the easiest entertainment today in casinos. You just have to drop a coin into the machine and simply pull the handle or press the «Spin» button. Then wait for the result;


Cards is a commercial game for two to four people. But it is more convenient to play in two, according to many professional players. A deck of 52 sheets is used in this game;

Video poker

This is a symbiosis. Of poker and slots, which does not have any spectacular animation. As well as a large number of bonuses or varied gameplay. And yet video poker is still among the most popular models offered by institutions. The secret is that the best versions of it offer very favorable conditions. They include a minimum casino advantage, and in some machines the RTP exceeds a hundred percent;


Blackjack is a very popular game known as «twenty-one» or «point». This gambling thing is present in every casino in the world, and its advantage is that the probability of winning is incredibly high. That is why it has millions of fans.

These are the variants of the possible types that are available in this company. As you can see, the choice is quite diverse. Every player, both professional and beginner will find a more enjoyable option for themselves. 

Downloads for MAC and Windows

There is currently no mobile version of the app. But there is very handy and simple software for MAC and Windows. You have to hand it to the developers, who have worked very hard on this very simple and fast program. The response to actions is instantaneous. What is undoubtedly a very positive effect on the game. Downloading and installing the software is arranged as easily as possible. Below, for your convenience, you will find very detailed and informative steps on how to do everything successfully the first time. The download, on both MAC and Windows, should be exactly the same. Follow:

  1. Go to your current browser on your computer;
  2. Open the search page and in the search box, type in «official Ignition Poker site»;
  3. Click on the first original link that pops up in the suggested list of websites;
  4. An authentic page will be presented to your attention. On the main panel you shall see a «Download» button, click on it and the install of the apk file should start instantly. Since the file is initially compressed, it weighs only 13 MB, so you will only have to wait a few seconds.

Thanks to all these actions, you shall become the owner of this beautiful file. All you have to do is to install it on your PC. And then only register, in time all the remaining steps will take you no more than 5 minutes.So, read below to start playing comfortably today and win money fast.

Installing the software

You don’t have to put in any extra effort to use a better, faster interface right now and enjoy all of its benefits and privileges. All the steps are quite simple and trivial, above was described the process of downloading the apk-file, if you have made it. Then next you will need to do the installation on your pc. How to do this, read below:

  1. Turn on your pc;
  2. Open the «Downloads» folder;
  3. Find there the apk file of the software that you install earlier, following the instructions above;
  4. Activate;
  5. Next, you will have a panel pop up where you need to give your consent to the installation, confirm the action by clicking «next»;
  6. Then follow the prompts. You will have a few more windows open, you shall only have to click on the highlighted keys;
  7. Wait until the file is installed. It will take a couple of minutes and then an icon shall pop up on your desktop.

That’s all the simple steps. That will enable you to make money safely today. And who knows, maybe you’ll hit the jackpot and become a millionaire, or even a billionaire. So do not miss this opportunity, and use it to the maximum. Below you will read about registration, so hurry to study the information and run to earn real money.

Personal Account Registration

You can create an account directly in the poker software you downloaded and installed on your pc earlier. The process will only take a few minutes of your time. You shall have to provide some personal and contact information to secure your account. Follow the steps below to achieve your desired result:

  1. On your desktop, locate the software. And activate it by double clicking on the icon;
  2. You will start the program. Wait a second;
  3. The main panel shall appear. Where you will see the «Register» button, click on it;
  4. A window would open with a lot of empty fields;
  5. You need to enter the correct information, name and surname, date of birth, maiden name of mother, valid phone number, e-mail, create a secure password, as well as zip-code.

Thus, you are fairly quick and easy to register. After all these actions you will be able to use the comfortable and multifunctional software from any of your PC. Take each point carefully and seriously, if you do as written, for sure you shall succeed. And today you will definitely earn real money.

Customer Service

The quality of the help center is really impressive. As is often the case, companies in the same line of business don’t care much about customer service. And they usually find it sufficient to leave a section on the original sites with the most frequently asked questions. That’s about it. But this review of Ignition Casino says otherwise. They really care about their audience. They were not enough just to create a section with the questions on their site. And their approach was extremely serious and responsible. They set up a whole center with professional experts. One of the main criteria in selecting assistants for the call center was that they had a background in psychology to create the best help and support on the market. They are respectful of users’ time so they respond instantly. This is a comprehensive resource platform that you can use for almost any inquiries, as well as around the clock. as the center operates 24/7. There are two ways you can contact your personal specialist:

  • Email. Submit form — reply within 72 hours;
  • Phone.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most important and main advantages of this bookmaker. Just for that reason alone, it is worth choosing them. After all, now you know that you won’t be left without support in whatever difficult situation you find yourself in. 


In addition, they have a video library with instructions, which are painted steps. It tells how to make a deposit. Also how to use bitcoin and get bonuses. For people who are not used to using these virtual sites, these visual instructions will be very useful and informative. Also, having a forum where players can communicate with each other about difficulties they encountered and how they solved them speaks volumes about the extra caring attitude. If you can’t contact customer support for any number of reasons, but still need help, then your journey should definitely start with the forum.

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